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Setting the Price

Selling a Home

You have a prospect that is thinking of selling their home, chances are they are caught up in a mass of emotions. They may be looking forward to moving up to a new home or facing the uncertainty of a major move across country. They may be reluctant to leave their memories behind or eager to start a new and exciting adventure. Remember, you are there to help them with any of their needs, questions or concerns. Becoming their advocate and protecting them throughout the sale is your priority.

Setting the Listing Price

In setting the list price of your sellers’ home, you should be aware of their buyer’s frame of mind. Based on a list of houses for sale in their neighborhood (which most likely they obtained online), buyers will determine which houses they want to view. Consider the following pricing factors:

  • If you set the price too high, your sellers home won’t be picked for viewing, even though it may be much nicer than others in the area. If the home is not viewed as it is priced too high, then your seller will not have any opportunities of buyers to even make an offer.

  • If you price too low, you'll short-change your seller. Their house will sell promptly, yes, but before it has time to find the buyer who would have paid more. And in the current housing inventory shortage, being sensitive to the pricing correctly is imperative.

NOTE: Never say "asking" price, which implies you don't expect to get it.

To determine the proper list price, provide your seller with data. When they receive professional information from you about their home, which would include:

  • Furnishing comparable sales.

  • Analyzing market conditions.

  • Helping to determine offering incentives.

  • Estimating your net proceeds.

  • Presenting your professional marketing plan to sell the home.

  • Presenting the tools that will help sell your home.



Communication is vitally important in the business world today and yet it is one of the most lacking components to just about every business. By developing strong communication skills with your clients and others, your business will flourish, as you will create a reputation of being available, responsive and professional, all traits of a successful businessperson.

old school tips

Here is an excellent article from the National Association of REALTORS that you will want to read.

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