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Asking For the Referral

Too often, people are frightened of asking for referrals. Is it the fear of rejection, or are they concerned about annoying their prized clients? If you’re providing truly exemplary service, you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for the opportunity to provide that same service to other people your clients know! In fact, it should be the next natural step after asking a client how the service was.

The way you ask this question, however is very important. Open-ended questions help people to brainstorm, instead of giving them the chance for a simple “Yes” or “No” answer. Instead of asking, “Do you know anyone else who could use my services?” ask, “Who do you know who could use my services?” The difference is how they respond is amazing!

And the best time to ask for a referral is when a client compliments you. Respond with a sincere thank you and then quickly follow it up with a referral request. For example, "I'm so pleased you're happy with my work. Who do you know that could benefit from my services?"

It’s also critical to expect the referral. When you tone or facial expressions show that you don’t really believe your client will have a good answer, they won’t have one! Don’t let your body language change your question into, “I don’t suppose you have any referrals for me, do you?” Instead, expect the referral like its’ the most natural thing in the world. With enough practice, it will be!

Here are 7 Tips to Ponder:

  • The client that came to you: Who do you know that may need my services?
  • The person that want to learn and create a plan: Do you know anyone that also may need to create a plan?
  • The friend that reached out to you: Who do you know that may need help in buying or selling a home?
  • Social Interaction: Create a Group Page that educates about buying and selling real estate. Routinely ask for the business.
  • Make your general inquiry specific: Do you know of anyone at work that may be thinking of buying or selling a home?
  • Teach your client how to refer you: Use your digital business card and show them how easy it is to refer to you. Consider using the Savvy Card. See mine here.
  • Offer Exclusive Services: Get to be known in your industry to offer exclusive services. Exclusivity sells. What is your exclusive specialty that you offer?

You can also use this language in the signature of your email, below your name and contact information. Every email becomes a mini-billboard, even when you’re out of the office and have your auto-responder set. And so I close this blog with a simple question for you: "Who do you know that could benefit from my service?"

Success Story

Turning Client Satisfaction into a Thriving Referral Network

Meet Jane Thompson, a dedicated real estate professional in Arizona, who transformed her business by mastering the art of seeking referrals. Facing initial hesitations common in the industry, Jane embraced a new approach and witnessed remarkable results.

The Challenge: Jane, like many real estate professionals, hesitated to ask for referrals. The fear of rejection and concerns about bothering her valued clients held her back. Despite providing exceptional service, she felt unsure about making the leap to actively seek referrals.

The Implementation: After attending a coaching session that emphasized open-ended questions and strategic timing, Jane decided to revamp her referral approach. She began asking clients, "Who do you know that could benefit from my services?" instead of a generic inquiry.

Timing became crucial for Jane. She realized that the best moment to ask for a referral was when a client complimented her work. Responding with gratitude, she seamlessly followed up with a referral request. Her genuine expectation of receiving referrals, reflected in her tone and body language, further reinforced her confidence.

Results and Impact: The transformation was swift and significant. Jane's new approach yielded positive responses beyond her expectations. Clients appreciated the open-ended questions, feeling more engaged in the process. By expecting referrals as a natural extension of her excellent service, Jane witnessed a surge in recommendations.

Jane also took the advice to showcase success stories. She created a section on her website highlighting client testimonials, further boosting her credibility. Visual elements, such as infographics depicting her successful referral journey, were incorporated to make her content more engaging.

Community Engagement: Inspired by her success, Jane encouraged her clients to share their experiences on her social media pages. This not only strengthened her online presence but also created a supportive community where clients exchanged real estate insights and recommendations.

Conclusion: Jane's journey from referral reluctance to a thriving network exemplifies the power of strategic approaches. By incorporating open-ended questions, perfecting the timing, and showcasing success stories, she not only transformed her business but also fostered a community of satisfied clients eager to share their positive experiences.

Jane's story is a testament to the impact of proactive referral strategies, turning satisfied clients into enthusiastic advocates for her real estate services.

Ready to Learn?

Elevate your real estate business by mastering the art of strategic referrals. Every satisfied client is a potential advocate, and we're here to guide you on your journey in learning new skills that will allow you to grow your relationship referral business.

Seize the opportunity to turn every interaction into a referral. Ask open-ended questions, embrace compliments, and expect referrals as a natural outcome of exceptional service.

Ready to transform your business? Start implementing these proven strategies today.  Connect with me to start learning today.

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