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Preparing for Your Move: Where to Find a Reliable Mover

As you embark on the journey of moving to your new home, finding a trustworthy mover is crucial for a smooth transition. Here are some valuable tips to help you locate the right moving company:

1. Seek Recommendations: Start by reaching out to friends and neighbors for recommendations. Personal experiences can offer insights into the reliability of a mover.

2. Check with Local Authorities: Contact your local Better Business Bureau or consumer office to inquire about any complaints against potential movers. This step ensures you choose a mover with a reputable track record.

3. Local Presence: Explore the phonebook or local businesses you've seen around town to find two or three movers. Visit their headquarters to assess the cleanliness, organization, and condition of their trucks.

4. Interstate Moves: For moves between states, confirm that your chosen mover has the necessary authority from the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Verify this by calling the agency at 800-832-5660 and selecting Menu No. 1.

5. Membership Verification: Contact the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) at 703-683-7410 to check if the mover is a member or acts as an agent for a van line.

6. Strategic Timing: Plan your move on a weekday to save time and money, avoiding the end or beginning of the month when moving companies' schedules are typically busy. Additionally, steer clear of three summer holiday weekends: Memorial Day, July Fourth, and Labor Day.

Understanding Estimates:

Estimates for interstate moves, as advised by AMSA, depend on the weight of your belongings, the distance traveled, and additional services required. Remember:

  • Professional movers won't provide estimates over the phone. They'll assess your needs in person.
  • Show every item to be moved, including those in the attic, basement, garage, closets, and under beds.

Types of Estimates:

  • Binding Estimates: Guarantee costs based on listed items and services.
  • Non-Binding Estimates: Approximate costs based on a survey, with the final cost determined after weighing the shipment.

Recommended Moving Companies:

Explore the following reputable moving companies offering local and long-distance services:

  • Allied Van Lines: Moving calculators, FAQs, free estimates, and local agent information.
  • Atlas Van Lines: Agent locator, moving and packing tips, and international services.
  • Budget Truck Rental: Reserve trucks, order supplies, and find local agents.
  • Mini Moves: Specializes in full-service small moves; quotes available on the website.
  • Ryder Truck Rental: Connect with a local agent via the provided 800-number.
  • U-Haul: Rates, reservations, local agents, and one-way rentals.
  • United Van Lines: Moving tips, FAQs, and an agent locator.

By following these guidelines and exploring reputable moving companies, you can ensure a hassle-free and organized move to your new home.

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