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Most marketing companies want to take control of your marketing and charge ongoing fees that continue to increase over time.  Karen Jones, Marketing Coach- Strategy4SuccessNOW utilizes a different approach.  It is our goal to educate you so you can take control of  your marketing and understand how to use the tools to grow your business.

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Our site will share valuable information with you to help you with your online and offline marketing goals.  Please explore, as you will find free information as well as strategic systems to assist you with your marketing goals.

Marketing Strategies Are Essential For Business Today

Marketing Strategies are essential for business today and by using both offline and online systems to showcase your business, your marketing dollars will be invested wisely, ensuring the highest return of investment.

Learn More About Karen Jones

With over 32 years in the retail industry both with Fortune 500 companies as well as highly successful corporations, Karen Jones has received extensive knowledge and training.  Furthermore, she has invested into her own education via Guerrilla Marketing certifications and continued education.  “Staying on top of the ever-changing industry moves is essential”, Karen shares.

As a coach, Karen Jones will learn more about your company and your goals.  Strategic marketing campaigns will be created and developed.  She will guide you to learning how to implement the plans on your own.  “My goal is to not only get a plan started for your business, it is also my goal to also teach how to use the tools enabling you to take control of your own marketing.”

Karen Jones
Marketing Coach

Karen Jones has successfully built online persona’s for many companies and specializes with real estate professionals.   the Power of Google Marketing Plan, especially designed for the real estate professional incorporates specific marketing campaigns to


Win listings from your Farm Communities.
Creates Ongoing Referrals from renters.
• Utilize the Power of Video to showcase properties along with online presence.
• Creates Automated Marketing Campaigns. Make it once and it lasts for months.
• Uses NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to create connections with prospects and clients.
• Uses Mobile Marketing techniques that will close more transactions.

Karen Jones, Marketing Coach- Strategy4SuccessNow is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, however has coached professionals all over the country.  With the use of technology, she is able to “show” you how to use the tools to build your business.

 explore our site, learn and when you are ready for a Marketing Coach, contact Karen Jones.

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