The Power of Video Marketing

Want to learn how to create your own videos and upload them to various locations to spread the word about your brand online?

Karen Jones, Strategy4SuccessNow, has coached many business professionals and business to do just that.

Learn how to:

  • Create a Script using the keywords that your viewer will respond to.
  • Create video email templates to send out on your auto-responder campaigns.
  • Learn how to keep the video to the proper time frame for the maximum viewer experience. Each video has a different reason for being made and each video needs to be properly timed to match your goals and strategies.
  • Learn how to edit on either a Mac or a PC using the programs that come pre-installed on your device. No need to spend thousands of dollars upgrading your software. Just learn how to use what you have to be efficient and effective.
  • Welcome videos, educational videos, marketing campaigns, video emails videos…..each video has a reason to be made and a strategy to go along with it. Learn how to create your videos using your internal knowledge of where you want to drive your brand.

Learn how to use the various video sites to manage your video libraries. YouTube has a completely different strategy than Screencast. Learn the reasons why and use each channel to effectively market you.

Karen Jones is a Licensed Sr. Loan Officer at Amerifirst Financial in Arizona.  Karen Jones assists real estate professionals with their marketing videos using Green Screen technology.”

Chelsea Cabanillas, Agent

Chelsea reveals how The Power of Video Marketing has helped her business grow…..

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