SnagIt- “A Must Have” Review by Karen Jones


SnagIt- A Must Have Review by Karen Jones


SnagIt is a tool that I use just about everyday in both my marketing as
well as my day-to-day work.  This tool works very well in both the PC world as well as MacLand.  Functionality is just about the same on both.

 SnagIt allows you to capture anything anywhere (that shows up on your computer screen) and it allows you to edit the capture and make it your own. You can edit the captured information, create your own comments and then turn it into
a picture in the most popular formats.

And once you have  your picture, you’ll learn how to manipulate the HTLM code, so the picture becomes a link.   This knowledge is quite useful in getting your information out there on the World-Wide-Web and with a simple click, your prospects can be sent to wherever you would like them to go.  I have found that saving your picture as a PNG works best when manipulating the HTLM code.  The Real Estate Professionals that learn this technique use it quite often.  After they learn how to showcase their clients listings to page one of Google,  they want to be sure that the prospects stay with them.  So they manipulate the code on their very inviting picture that is a “Call-to-Action” inviting the viewer to explore more properties.

My students learn how to blog to the 1st page of Google with their:

• Area of Expertise Blog
• Power Blog of Their Listings
• Pay It Forward Blog

Here is another example of how to use SnagIt.   A picture was created with the code manipulated.  The viewer will be sent to another site if they click on the picture and you can send them wherever you want them to go.  In this case, if you click on the picture, then you will be sent to a website that will allow you to order SnagIt.



To order your SnagIt, simply click on the banner. It is a one-time fee and well worth the investment.





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