Picture Linking

Picture Linking

What is Picture LinkingPicture linking allows you to link your website, YouTube, email address, or any other items that has a URL and lives on the internet to your picture.  And Picture Linking is being used just about in every blog these days.  It allows you to provide your prospects with a cool way of navigating around your blog.

However, there is sometimes a need to link numerous links to one picture and that’s a hard task to complete…..until now.

Here is a FREE Tool for you to add to your toolbox of online marketing tools.  It’s called Thinglink.com.  With Thinglink, you can now add numerous links to one picture.  Take a look at the example below:

So how can you use Picture Linking?  For Real Estate Professionals, it will help dramatically when linking to a map.  One area of the map can go to one  URL location, while another link can go to another URL.

You can take a picture of your listing with links to the different areas of the home, which will bring the user to the bedroom, or backyard.  How about a YouTube video of you, allowing you to connect with your prospective buyer.

Marketing online is all about using innovative tools to make the online experience engaging for the user.  By staying up-to-date with what is new and cool, you’ll impress your sellers with your online marketing skills.

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