Mobile Websites

Having your website accessible for Mobile viewing is essential in today’s market.  Most consumers have a smart phone and searches on Smart Phones is growing by the month.  In fact, per  ComScore, Smartphones is growing 7 times faster than traditional cell phones.

That’s why you now need to ensure that your website is accessible via the cell phone.  The program that we recommend and use ourselves is DudaMobile.

Their system is user-friendly and with one click, you can create your mobile-friendly site. You can then edit your site to your liking. You can add pages or remove pages.

My recommendation is to make your Mobile site a shorter version than your online site. Let the “flavor” of your site come thru, however try to take your visitor to your full site for the true exploration of what you can offer them.

Make a Free Mobile Website with DudaMobile

Using DudaMobile is a quick way to create a mobile website so your visitors can view your content with ease on their cell phones.

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