Interaction Is The Key…

Interaction is the key to success of a successful page. As you gain LIKES to your page, your posts will show in the timeline (of those who LIKED your page) and as your engaging posts receives reactions, people will view your page. As people view your posts, they will be reminded that you are a Real Estate Professional. Exposure is your goal.

So how? Get people thinking about a project, fun or life-changing situation to get them talking about what they would do if something extraordinary happened. Or use an awkward or funny situation to get people to say how they would react.

Here a few examples to try on your Facebook Page:

“What color would you paint your living room? ______ and why?”

“If I had an unlimited marketing budget, I would ________”

“If I had to live in any country other than my home country, I would _____”Social Communication

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