Innovative Goal Setting Strategy

Happy 2017! As a Marketing Coach, I do understand the importance of goals and more importantly, believing that one can achieve the goals that they set.  During my coaching sessions and during my conversations with agents, many of them were disappointed in their own personal results as a Real Estate Agent. The fact of the matter is: Being a Real Estate Professional is not an easy job, as you are accountable for every action or non-action that you do or do not take. During my holiday vacation, I studied and read several books to further my knowledge which enlightened me so I could help myself with my own goals as well as guide professional agents that really wanted to push through to their own personal success and I wanted to share this information with you. Therefore, to start this conversation, I will ask you to ask yourself this one simple question:

Are your Actions aligning with what you want to do?

Doing what you “want” to do is imperative in order to be good at what you do. And understanding your “WHY” is extremely important. Reaching deep down inside your own beliefs about your job and how you feel about your job is an important step in your moving forward to success. Many of you know that I am a believer in the Law of Attraction and your thoughts and the words that you share with yourself and others will affect your performance.  So protect your mind and keep the faith while living your life and pursuing your career.

With that being said….I’m proud to share an innovative way of planning.

Let me introduce what we call: Success Series:

Your Faith: Believing that you can push through and reach your goals.
Your WHY: Being excited about learning and taking action consistently to meet (or exceed) goals.
Your Discipline: Paying attention, staying focussed and tell stories in your mind that supports your goals.

Ask yourself:
What difference might it make if you were able to tap more fully into your Faith, your WHY and be disciplined in your daily actions?

Once your Faith, your Why and your commitment to a disciplined approach towards your business has been established, it is time to create your goals.

G- (Your GOAL.)

• What is it that you want to do?
o What issues do you have to work through?
o What are the consequences if you do not take action?
o Are your goals SMART?
• Specific/ Meaningful/ Actionable/ Realistic/ Time-phased.


• R What is really happening now or how do you perceive what is happening now?
o What type of results are you currently achieving?
o Are your goals realistic?

O- (Your OPTIONS.)

• How will you move forward from your Reality to your Goal?
o Describe your fantasyland actions and results.
o Do any of your dream ideas interest you enough to move forward?
o If you were to act on these options, how would you do it?

W- (Your WAY In Moving Forward.)

What action will you take to move forward toward your goals?
o How will you go about putting action into play?
o What might get in your way?
o What and when is your next step?

As you move through these exercises, write down your thoughts and take notes, as you will be using these notes to develop your Plan of Action.

To commit to a plan, the plan must come from you. Your inner-spirit must create the plan and have the faith and belief that you are able to meet the goals of the plan. Understanding the “why” behind your plan is essential in order for you to keep it alive and well and more importantly, successful.

The basics of the Real Estate industry consists of:
• Assisting buyers buy a home.
• Assisting sellers sell a home.
• Assisting tenants lease a home. (usually completed to develop a relationship for a future buyer.)

And your goal is to interact and find these people to assist them with their needs. This is really a “back to basics” industry following time-tested prospecting strategies that have been used for decades. Once you find these prospects, having the proper marketing tools that will allow you to win their trust allowing you to assist them with their needs is essential. Once you have gained their trust and their business, delivering a World-Class experience for them is your #1 goal, as you want to win their future business needs and referral opportunities.

So what will be your Action Plan for prospecting strategies for 2017? Here are some “back to basics” along with some other ideas that might spark an interest for you:

• Telemarketing- FSBO, Expired’s, Surveys
• Farming via mailings
• Open Houses
• Online Leads
• Blogging with CRM
• Social Media marketing FB, LinkedIn consider Online FB Targeted “Just Listed/Open House/Sold” Boosts
• Home Buying/Selling/Investing seminars
• Farm Door knocking
• Follow up skills, including CRM
• Past client follow-up and referral campaign
• Sponsor school/church events

Be your own Accountable coach by creating goals that you believe in and monitor your results. Staying attuned to your plan and taking daily disciplined action will allow you to succeed. Keeping your mind free of “negative talk” and preparing to overwrite those negative thoughts with positive scripts whenever a negative thought creeps into your mind. Keep your faith strong and with strong faith and belief in yourself you have a winning strategy towards your meeting (and exceeding) your goals.

Much success in 2017!



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