If You Don’t Have Call Capture- Your Missing Opportunity

Are you using Call Capture when marketing your listings?

Buyers drive neighborhoods and they want information NOW…..Call Capture and QR codes can ensure that you are meeting the needs of future buyers as well as impressing your sellers with your state-of-the-art Marketing Solutions. 

So imagine this…..a potential buyer is driving a neighborhood.  They want information on a particular home, however the flyer tray is empty.  But wait…..there’s a way to obtain information simply by texting for it.  When they text, a Property Website is delivered to their phone and you receive a text with their contact information to perform your magic.  After speaking with the prospect you decide which email campaign you will be adding them to and now technology will market for you, keeping your name in front of them to stay top of mind. 

All this from a sign rider.

How hard is this to obtain?

When utilizing our Concierge Services, obtain your Call Capture sign for as little as $17.

Plus the signs are re-usable from property to property.

Want to save money and create your own Property Websites? 

Find out how by contacting us…….We’ll show you how.

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