Facebook Business Page

The Social Network is here and becoming more popular each day.  Facebook is still the most well-known and used and many others are being created each day.

Creating  Facebook Business Page is important in order to access the Social Network in business.  Your Facebook Business business page  is for your business and your Personal Facebook Profile is for  your personal business.  You can create your Facebook Business page using the Facebook platform and you can create custom tabs for your Facebook Business page with free online tools.

Therefore, Karen Jones, recommends ShortStack. 

ShortStack is a custom iframe tab designing tool that allows you to create custom Facebook tabs. With ShortStack, you won’t have to re-invent the wheel. ShortStack uses widgets (think “apps”, but you can have many for a single Facebook tab) and many of them will connect directly to the services you already use, like your blogs, videos, newsletters, Twitter, and more. For many cases, you’ll only need to add a few widgets with your links, and you’ll instantly have a custom iframe Facebook tab.

ShortStack offers a free service where you can create your own Facebook Business page in a matter of minutes (up to 2000 fans).  It allows you to make as many Facebook Business pages as  you need.  Their paid version kicks in once you exceed the 2000 Fans limit.  The paid version provides you with even more tools.  However, the free version does an excellent job in getting your Facebook Business page completed and is a great start in getting your social site on its way.

Results are professional and very well done.  You can add video to your Facebook Business page, a contact tab to grow your email list, link to other services that you may already have.

How to use Facebook Business Pages?

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