The Value in Good Customer Service

The Value in Good Customer Service

Marketing is essential today as the consumer has so many options available to them and so many choices to choose from.  So what can make your different from the rest?  Good customer service.

While Marketing drives business opportunity to you, good customer service keeps your clients returning for more.  Therefore, providing good customer service is a high priority in business today.  Simple tasks, such as:

  • Returning a phone call in a timely manner.
  • Returning an email inquiry.
  • Communicating your Marketing materials in a responsible manner.
  • Getting the job done on time.
  • Getting the job done correctly….the 1st time.
  • If errors do occur, apology…..sincerely.
  • Be caring and supportive of your client’s needs, wants and desires.

Many business owners put a lot of effort into driving business to their establishment.  Therefore, how the client is treated once they get there is extremely important.  Inspecting what  you expect from your team is essential, as their impression to your client can make or break your business relationship.

Therefore, the value of good customer service also comes in the form of your team.  Have you hired the right person for the right job for the right reasons?  Interviewing your new teammates is a responsibility not to be taken lightly.  The successful business owner knows that they can teach a new employee the tasks needed to get the job done, however it is extremely difficult to teach interpersonal skills.  Those people skills that your customers will want to see.  A simple welcoming and genuine smile as your clients enter your establishment.  An email that is written with heart, with words chosen carefully.   A pleasant and welcoming greeting on the phone as your client calls in for your service.    While the tasks at hand sound easy, it can be disastrous if you hire the wrong person for the job.  Therefore, take time and interview carefully.  Choose the right person, for the right job, for the right reasons.

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