YELP- Does it work?

Cathy McCormack, Broker from Property Minders, shared her success story about YELP. And YES…YELP does work. YELP features your business and is basically the “yellow pages” online, with the ability to review businesses.  They have over 80  Million views a month and people do use this site for searching and reading reviews.  YELP is rated in […]

Mobile Websites

Having your website accessible for Mobile viewing is essential in today’s market.  Most consumers have a smart phone and searches on Smart Phones is growing by the month.  In fact, per  ComScore, Smartphones is growing 7 times faster than traditional cell phones. That’s why you now need to ensure that your website is accessible via […]

Managing Social Sites

Managing your Social Sites seems to be the one item that most business owners have a challenge with.  So, how do you manage your Social Sites in a time effective manner? There are many companies to choose from, however the one that we recommend is.  Why?offers a free service that will help you get started […]

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