The freedom of owning a home

How many times have you heard from potential buyers that they needed to buy a home due to their family dog?  Pets have become more than just an animal, they have become a part of the family.  And when one owns their own home, they can get get the dogs of their choice, without the […]

What type of market are we in?

Homeowners research selling their own home and you should be the one educating them.  When you provide sellers with the necessary information that they need, you just may earn their respect and the privilege of listing their home. And you if you have not yet learned about The Power of Google Marketing Plan, which has […]

How about your own yard for your family?

Owning your own home provides homeowners with a sense of safety.  Any place you call home in fact creates this same type of safety.  However, do you feel that if you had your own yard where your children can play, they would be safer?  This is an question that each person will answer on their […]

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