Blog and Post- All At The Same Time?

How would you like to Blog and Post to your social networks automatically?  If you use WordPress, you have the option of installing Jetpack.  And when you install Jetpack, one of the services is called Publicize.   Here are some pointers to help you use the service: Saving a post as a Draft will not […]

9 Tips for Headlines that Capture Attention

Headlines are used in just about every aspect of marketing, such as blogs, emails, landing pages, postcards or webpages. An irresistible headline is the lure that gets you noticed and read. It’s known that the average the consumer will scan headlines prior to reading the article itself, therefore headlines are extremely important when writing and […]

5 Blogging Tips for Realtors

Need some blogging tips for Realtors? 1.)  Know your audience…in other words, “Target Blog” You do need to know who your audience is to win their attention.  Knowing what your Target audience is looking for so you can write to their needs is a strategy well worth the effort. Do you want feedback from your audience?  Use […]

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