3 Tips for Millennial Marketing

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Marketing to Millenials- Karen Jones
3 Tips for Millennial Marketing

This year, the millennial generation will surpass baby boomers as the nation’s largest living generation. Marketing to them presents big challenges: they are distrustful of companies, in general, and they don’t fall for typical brand advertising fluff.   Here are 3 Tips for Millennial Marketing that you will want to consider adding to your Marketing Toolbox.

Digital marketing agency Fractl recently surveyed millennials on how they prefer to be engaged. Here are three ways to put their findings to work:

  1. Collect positive reviews. To learn about a company, 82 percent of millennials read customer reviews.
    1. PRO TIP: Maintaining a healthy online reputation is key. If you don’t have reviews for your business, start a Yelp page and ask your best clients to leave a remark. If your customer service stays top notch, you won’t have to worry about negative reviews.
  2. Offer free information first. Fifty-six percent of millennials say offering them free content about a topic they are interested in is an effective way to attract their attention.
    1. PRO TIP: Develop an informative e-book, video—or both—on a relatable topic for new clients. Advertise the information instead of just your brand.
  3. Don’t dismiss direct mail. Almost half of millennials surveyed considered direct mail offers an effective way for a business to win them over. The dramatic drop in snail mail means less competition at the mailbox.
    1. PRO TIP: Postcards are least expensive. Letters are most effective. Make an offer in the form of information (see #2 above), a coupon, or free trial.

Understanding how to market to millennials is a key factor to gaining their business. To get the rest of the findings, download the full white paper from Fractl here.

Source: Fractl



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