3 Things to Understand When Using Hashtags

Rules for hashtags

You may not have any idea why anyone would need a hashtag.   Why?  A hashtag is a way to gain visibility on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. When a person types in the keyword of your hashtag or conversation, the topic is easier to find.  A hashtag can be used for people, a place, an event, even a promotion making it a valuable marketing tool. Using Hashtags in your posts allows you the opportunity in being found.  With that being said, having a Hashtag on its own will not accomplish your goal.  It is best used at the end of your post and supports the content that you are writing about.  Furthermore, you may want to consider locating other Hashtags that relate to your topic, expanding your opportunity of being found by the search engines.

Hashtags on Twitter

When using Twitter, limiting the number of Hashtags is important for you to understand.  Twitter uses Hashtags as a method to organize and categorize different posts.  It has been found that Tweets with one or two hashtags have a 21% more change of interaction than those with three or more hashtags.  And with three or more hashtags Twitter saw a 17% decrease in interaction.  On Twitter…..Less is more.

Hashtags on Instagram

Where Twitter posts were found to be less successful when loaded up with hashtags, Instagram proves to be the opposite.  Posts on Instagram with 11 or more hashtags have the highest interactions.  Instagram is a platform that supports images,  so the combination of images and hashtags prove to have the highest engagement.

Hashtags on Facebook

And for Facebook, one of the strongest social media platforms, it has been found that posts that do not have hashtags outperform posts with hashtags.   Video is growing on Facebook and uploading directly to Facebook allows your Video post to intrigue your viewers allowing for more view.

Bottom Line

Hashtags should be easy, memorable, and relevant. Using these general rules will help you craft the strongest content.


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