3 Ideas of Where to Find Content to Blog For Realtors

As I coach Real Estate Professionals, one of the biggest concerns I hear is “what will I blog about?” And in answering this very important question, I realize that while there is great information to be shared and found, how do you get your thoughts down on paper.

Sometimes, we just need a little boost of where to look so you can figure out what you want to write about. So, here are 3 ideas of where you can find great information to write about:

1.) Videos are growing in popularity and this company offers very short educational videos for just about any aspect of real estate. Click here to read more about this company and see some videos in action.

Blogging by karen jones marketing coach

2.)  Keeping Matters Current is a blog site that is all about real estate and it has great graphics and blogs written for the real estate professional.  As a member, you gain access to all of this marketing information and allows you to be perceived as an expert in your field.  To learn more about the KCM Blog, click here.

3.)  The MLS offers Real Estate Professionals with information that you can blog.  You can set up an IDX link on your site as well.

Check out your resources and reach out when you want to learn more about the blogging process for real estate.

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