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Subject: Is Your Buyer Ready Now….or Later? Are You Staying in Touch?

I have a question for you…….have you had a buyer that just might need some time before they are ready to buy their home?  Perhaps they experienced a Foreclosure?  Or Bankruptcy or just a low credit score?

Are you staying in contact with them?

Most likely you have a Loan Officer Strategic Partner and if this partner does not offer an “Incubator” system, you may want to start interviewing around.

Successful Loan Officers take pride in guiding future home-buyers to success and most of them have an excellent resource to send your prospect to for Credit Repair or Counseling.

What is an Incubator System?  Once the prospect is coached and they are working on their plan, then you should add them to your Incubator email marketing campaign to stay in contact with them.  A “Best Practice” strategy is to let them know that you are going to be sending them an invitation to their Incubator service.  Let them know that by accepting this service, if they have any questions during their journey of preparation, you are just a click away.

You will be able to stay Top of Mind with these clients so when they are ready, you will be the only one that they will call.  Another benefit are referrals!  In your Incubator campaign, do remember to ask for referrals.  When you help others achieve their goals, they will want to help you achieve yours.

Need help in starting your Incubator email campaign?  Need content?   We have Incubator Email templates that keep your prospects engaged. Let one of our Marketing concierges guide you to success.


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